Stem Cell Therapy Medical Teams

The success of your stem cell treatment depends in large part on the skill and experience of the medical team carrying out the actual procedures. The medical professionals in our network of stem cell providers are all highly trained in the techniques and technologies used in stem cell transplantation. In addition to their initial training, they are required to remain current in all new techniques and procedures. Many of them are also trained researchers, participating in or carrying out important stem cell research and cutting edge clinical trials.

The medical team for your stem cell treatments will differ, depending on the facility you choose and the procedures you’re undergoing. No matter what treatment you’re receiving, however, your medical team will be led by a physician who has been trained and certified in the latest techniques for harvesting, processing and transplanting adipose stem cells. In addition, your team will include nurses, lab technicians and others who have received special training in handling and processing the harvested adipose tissues, separating and isolating the stem cells and enriching them with growth factors derived from your own blood.

Benefits of Autologous Stem Cells

There are a number of important benefits to using stem cells derived from your own stores of regenerative tissues. The most important of these is the fact that your body will not reject the transplanted stem cells because they match your own cells precisely. After all, your own body made them.

Some stem cell centers use stem cells derived from animals. These can cause allergic reactions or carry infection. Autologous stem cells, on the other hand, are taken from your own body. There’s no risk of allergic reaction, and since the tissues are harvested using a closed-loop process, there is no chance of the stem cells becoming contaminated by viral or bacterial contaminants.

Your body reacts to your own stem cells by kicking up its production of healing enzymes and blood factors that promote healing and regeneration. Numerous clinical results strongly suggest that autologous stem cell treatments have a higher percentage of success. In addition, people who are treated with their own stem cells tend to recover more quickly and completely than those who receive stem cells from other sources.

Working with Your Medical Team

We are devoted to finding the right medical team and facility for your needs. Each of our network centers specializes in many different types of stem cell therapies and treatments. We will work with you to match your needs to the right stem cell facility and medical team, and find you an affordable option to access the cutting edge therapy you need.

Enhance Your Life

Stem cell treatments can benefit people with many different diseases and disorders, including diabetes, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, tendon and muscle tears and degenerative nerve diseases. In addition to treating specific illnesses and injuries, stem cell treatments are also used for more general purposes. Stem cells may offer anti-aging benefits, and are often used for general rejuvenation and regeneration of bodily cells. Let our medical team help you feel younger and help your body heal itself. Learn more about our stem cell therapies today.